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Take a look inside...

.... and see how this easy to use hoisting drum designer works ....
.... and the results you get.

Explainer (2 min)

The design process

This video guides through the design process of a double hoisting drum up until the point where the data is going to be sent to the CAD server where the preview drawings are being automatically generated.

What you get

After creating the preview, an email will automatically be sent to the user with a link to the appropriate download page. There the user can view the 3D file directly in the browser or as a 3D pdf. Furthermore, the user gets a 2D preview drawing to verify the data provided. If these data are confirmed, the technical drawings (as well as the technical calculation and further materials) can be paid and downloaded.

Interview with CEO and founder Julian Thoresson

A short introduction of THOR Knowledge Engineering and how the online tool works.

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