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Our Offer

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Your Crane / Your Hoisting Drum

Revamping an Old Crane

The online design tool can be used for existing equipment modernization or for capacity extensions. Due to its flexible design, the hoisting drum can be adapted to nearly all requirements. In the system background, the technical calculation always verifies your input data.

New Crane

In the case of new projects, the challenge is to collect all of the necessary data from the customer without having to contact the customer more than once. The online tool ensures, among other things, that all required data for a design is retrieved and stored in the database. Thus, one can be sure that nothing has been forgotten and that the final design is characterized by an attractive professional appearance.

Lifting Systems

Cranes are not the only systems that require hoisting drums. They are also used in other areas of industrial plants, such as for strip accumulators in the metals industry to ensure the necessary strip tension. There is no difference in the calculation or the design of the hoisting drum.

What We Offer


The calculation includes, among other things, the design of the drum coupling, cable clamps, drum thickness, bearing size, cable-deflection angle, welding seams, etc. The basis is the well-known standards (FEM 1.001, SEB 666211, etc.) and methods (Ernst, Scheffler, etc.), manufacturer-specific calculations as well as the new standard EN 13001 that will be implemented soon.


At the moment, there are seven different types of hoisting drums in our database, which can be modified according to your wishes and requirements. We are constantly striving to expand our offer.

Different Subcontractors

For the design of the hoisting drum, a variety of subcontractors, such as the Malmedie drum couplings, Casar wire ropes or SKF bearings, are used. We are constantly striving to include new subcontractors in our offer.

What You Get

Technical Manufacturing Drawings

The end result of the design process is standard-compliant manufacturing drawings, an assembly drawing, a welding drawing in a PDF and DWG file format, and a STEP file for implementing your project. These can then be downloaded immediately.

Reduced Project Runtime and Increased Safety

THOR Knowledge Engineering not only helps you to reduce project runtime (for example, by eliminating tedious contacting, data-transmission mistakes, missing information and engineering times), it also reduces the risk of project errors (calculation errors, scribing errors, table-reading errors, drawing errors, missing dimensions, etc.).

Printable Technical Calculation

Furthermore, the technical calculation is available as a PDF file download. This helps to document the technical design of the components as well as to verify the selected parameters, assumptions and the calculation.

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